I.P.A.F. and M.E.W.P.S. (Int. Powered Access Federation & Mobile Elevated Working Platforms)

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Often gutter installations at height require specialist machinery to be able to reach them and work on them safely – and in accordance with Health and Safety policies. Machinery that requires specific insurances and qualifications. At Oakley Cleaning we are fully qualified, trained and competent in the use of M.E.W.P.S. – which are also known as Mobile Elevated Working Platforms. These are powered access machines (usually powered by either petrol, occasionally diesel, or electricity). They are used to provide a safe temporary working platform for operatives and their tools – to be able to work at height. In other words M.E.W.P. is the industry term that is used to describe machines that are also known as Cherry Pickers, Scissor Lifts, Access Platforms or Aerial Platforms.


In line with the industry standard, provided by the International Powered Access Federation (I.P.A.F.) Oakley Cleaning are qualified and trained operators of Mobile Elevated Working Platforms. This means we’re able to work legally and safely with Scissor Lifts, Cherry-Pickers as well as Mobile and/or Static Booms. Working at height with M.E.W.P.s allows us to access and safely clean gutter installations that would otherwise be inaccessible – up to 60′ from ground level. Thus, we’re able to fulfil your cleaning requirements meaning your gutter installations are kept clean and operating in the manner that was originally intended. Freeflowing.

Oakley Cleaning are qualified to use M.E.W.P.S. in the following categories: Static Boom (1b), Mobile Vertical (3a) and Mobile Boom (3b).

Call us on 0203 3027616 – 0800 6696395 – 07944 431670 and see how Oakley Cleaning can help you!

Cherry picker
TELEPHONE: 0203 3027616 – FREEPHONE: 0800 6696395 – MOBILE: 07944 431670

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